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You adopted Bengal

Rules for beginners 

A kitten learns cat behavior and cleanliness from his mother. Therefore, if you want your baby to be clean and well-bred, you should not take a kitten that has not reached the age of three months.

A cat must have toys! Things she is afraid of, or which can be dangerous, must be hidden. At a young age, kittens are excessively curious, so it is better to take all measures to ensure the safety of the baby in advance. Hide the wires and close access to the windows and balcony.

“A kind word and cat nice” – remember this folk wisdom and never shout at the cat. Even the smallest kitten has enough intelligence to understand your discontent or benevolence from words. A kitten is not yet a cat, but his behavior is quite “cat-like”!

Raising a cat, it is necessary to exercise firmness: if you forbid something to it, then do not make exceptions to this rule. Your inconstancy in prohibitions and permits will undermine your reputation as a “leader of the pack.”

Prohibiting something to a cat, always use the same word, for example, “stop”.

Constantly praise and caress the cat when she has fulfilled your request or agreed to follow your orders. Praise for using the toilet is more effective than poking your nose into the stained corner.

Pronounce your cat’s name only with tender intonation.

Never hit a cat. You run the risk of running into response “nasty” actions on her part, showing you her outrage at your act.

Respect the willful character of your pet. If you are irritated by the excessively independent or independent behavior of a cat, reconsider your relationship or immediately start a dog.

Love your cat and it will answer you the same!

The cat must play !!!


 As soon as they reach the age of 3-4 weeks, the kittens begin to discover the world for themselves. They still do not hold their paws, but they are already starting to play and frolic! A cat is practically the only creature that plays to the very old age! For a cat, the game is life. Games kittens, which we perceive as fun, in fact, nothing more than familiarity with the rules of cat behavior and hunting skills. Wool on end, back with a hump, ears pinned, vzjad expresses determination – all this indicates that before you – the future predator! The instinct of hunting in kittens wakes up to 5-6 weeks after their birth. At this age, the kids begin to play catch-up, hunting around the corner and lightning jumps on an imaginary enemy. This is very important for them! If at this age the kitten has the opportunity to develop their abilities and play in full, then he will grow up healthy, intelligent CAT!

If in this important period for the formation of the kitten’s character he receives many positive emotions from communicating with a person, he will perceive people as potential partners and friends. In his new home, he will transfer all his energy, which he spent on communication and games with his peers, to his beloved master. Help him in this! Give your child enough of safe toys and spare no time to communicate with your new friend. Then your kitten will keep a child’s soul in his old years and will please you with his playful and gentle character!

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