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Interesting facts about the Bengal cat

1. Bengal cats can publish about 100 different sounds. For comparison – dogs are only about 10. Representatives of this breed are very reserved in “communication”. The sound of the voice of the representatives of the Bengal breed of cats is guttural and wild. Animals publish it in rare cases, for example, when they eat very tasty food or when they want to scare off the enemy. The humiliation of a Bengal cat is a sign of great love and devotion to the master, as well as an indicator of the proper care and maintenance of the animal. In the family, as a rule, they choose one master and are able to become attached to him for life.

2. The picture of the surface of the cat’s nose is unique, like the fingerprint of a person.

3. Bengals never miaow while communicating with each other. This sound is especially for people.

4. “Sociable” Bengal cats follow you from room to room to monitor your actions, her behavior is much like a dog! Bengals, very curious animals and all the time looking for new games and activities, so do not leave them for a long time unattended. They will quickly teach you to close the drawers of cabinets 🙂 They like to hide, especially in boxes, nourish a secret passion for packs. Bengal is a cat that always finds something to play with.

5. Bengal cats only have paw pads. Perhaps you noticed damp prints on the table after examination or veterinary examination, when they took the cat?

6. Giraffe, Camel and Cat are the only pacer animals, when walking they have first left legs, and then right ones. Such walking guarantees speed, agility and silence.

7. The cat’s ear turns 180 degrees. In each ear, Bengal cats have 32 muscles. To control the ear, they use twelve or more muscles.

8. How many years of your Bengal cat by human standards? If your cat is 3 years old, this corresponds to the human year 21. If 8 years, then humanly – 40. If 14, then 70 human years. The average life span of a domestic Bengal cat is 15 years, while for wildlife – from 3 to 5 years.

9. If the Bengal cat is near you, and her tail is shaking – this is the greatest feeling of love that she can express. When the tail begins to fall, then the mood has changed – you can move away, it will not be offended.

10.If the pupils of the cat are dilated, despite the bright illumination, the cat is very interested in something or in a playful mood. To the cats, enough to see 1 / 6th of the light necessary for a person. Their night vision is amazing! In the dark, the eyes of Bengal cats use even light reflected from the retina.

11. Cats, unlike dogs, can not focus their eyes on closely located objects, that is, long-sighted cats, and dogs are shortsighted. In fact, the best cat can see at a distance of 75 cm to 2-6 meters.

12.The sensitivity of the cat to the volume of sound is 3 times higher than that of a man! (If we listen to loud music or a TV thunders in the room, then we should let the cat go to another room!)

13. Bengal cats perceive audio frequencies in the range from 50 to 60 kHz. The dog reacts to a sound frequency of about 40 kHz. A person is able to pick up sounds at a frequency of 20 kHz.

14. The toilet should be in a secluded place, so that the cat is not shy, and away from a bowl of food, because Bengal cats do not like to get dirty near the place where they eat.

15. Bengal cats love height. Also love the height of leopards and jaguars, who sleep in the trees.

16. If the Bengal cat falls, then its inner ear, which controls the balance, helps it to land on its paws.

17. When someone attacks a Bengal cat tightly presses the ears to the head. This is for protection from the teeth and claws of the enemy. If the Bengal cat attacks itself, then it drops its ears horizontally and sideways, forming a triangle.

18. Bengal cats belong to the breeds of active cats. They study the actions of people, learn to open cabinets, doors and even windows. These cats are very smart, learn quickly and can master many tricks.

19. Bengal cats are similar in their behavior to small kittens – they never forget about games, even in old age. Hunters with an excellent response, they do not leave the slightest chance to save not only mice and rats, but even birds. Attacking any moving object, these cats can hunt on the fingers of your feet and hands, and not only on specially purchased soft toys.

20. Well, the main feature is love of water, especially if it flows. Some only occasionally put their paw under the tap water, others will ask for a bath or frolic in the shower, as long as it’s their idea, of course. Some owners report that the charm of their Bengal cats is bordered by water on obsession.

21. This breed was bred by crossing a wild leopard cat with a domestic cat, so every kitten of Bengal breed carries about 12-25% of the genes of the wild ancestor.

22. When we iron a cat, our heart rate and blood pressure decrease. And people with cardiovascular diseases have a chance to live longer if they have a cat, unlike those who have neither a cat nor a dog.

Choosing a kitten

Need to say, buying a kitten is a responsible and, sometimes, not easy task. After all, a pretty fluffy bundle will eventually grow into an adult animal that will live next to you for more than a decade.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the purchase. What hopes do you place on your pet, do you plan to engage in his exhibition career or breeding? The first thing that a potential cat owner faces is the choice of the breed. The huge variety of feline forms, sizes and colors can thoroughly confuse. It is best to keep yourself in hand and not give up at once to the desiring desire “I want a thoroughbred cat !!!”.

First, go to the exhibition, look at the animals presented there. I am sure that if you had no preferences prior to going to the exhibition, then there might be too many of them after the exit. The main rule when buying a thoroughbred kitten, especially when it comes to the baby with whom you plan to conquer the exhibition peaks – take your time! Be sure to note the breeds you like, talk to the breeders, take their coordinates. The next step is to collect information on the breeds that interest you. This is important, because there are groups of rocks that resemble one another in outward appearance, and for the beginner in the feline world they seem to be the same (say, a group of natural breeds of cats – Maine Coons, Siberians, Norwegian forest etc.). However, these breeds may have different temperaments, there may be some peculiarities of breeding and growing. All this is better to know in advance – before the acquisition of the kitten, so that later you do not have to be disappointed in the breed, and the kitten – to change the owners.

When the breed is chosen, you need to decide on the gender of the kitten. This moment is also not unimportant. If you buy a kitten just for the soul, then it almost does not matter. Typically, kittens that are not intended for breeding and, accordingly, for the show career are given metrics with the appropriate notation, or the kittens are sold and without any documents, with the exception of a veterinary passport. Usually, such babies are perfectly healthy, just do not represent an interest for the further development of this breed, since they have deviations from the standard. This does not prevent them from being beautiful and pleasing their owners.

There is an opinion that the cat should give birth at least once “for health”. This is not true. If your pet was classified as an animal pet-class (without the right to further breeding), it is better for her and for you to resort to sterilization. The same applies to seals. Currently, such operations are performed in each veterinary clinic. This does not in the least hurt your pet’s health, on the contrary, it will save him from painful and fruitless “searches” during the period of sexual hunting.

If you decide to buy an animal breed (intended for breeding) or a show class (an animal for exhibitions and breeding), then the sex of the kitten plays a role here. If it is a question of a cat, it is necessary to be defined what exactly you are more interested in – exhibitions or breeding. If your plans do not include regular visits to exhibitions, but you want to see in your house charming cats of your beauty, then do not overpay for the show animal. Stop your choice on a kitty kit. The cost of a cat often depends on its tribal and exhibition value, on the rarity or prevalence of cat color, on the spectrum of colors that a cat carries genetically. It is very possible that a cat of the breed class will be offered to you by the breeder on interesting terms if it is really interesting as a breeding animal to this nursery. Terms of sale can be very different. As a rule, this directly affects the cost of the animal. For example, you can sell a kitten at half price, but with the condition that you give the breeder 1-2 kittens for the first choice from her litter. If the breed is rare or cat color is unique, the breeder can sell it and under the whole litter. Usually all the terms of sale are negotiated individually between the owner and the breeder, after which both parties sign a contract for the sale of a kitten. The contract necessarily includes all oral agreements, so that later on, no misunderstandings arose between the parties. For a beginner, it is very interesting to stay under the wing of an experienced breeder and a well-known nursery, because the help of experienced felinologists will be needed repeatedly!

If, in addition to breeding, you dream of winning first places at exhibitions, then the choice of a cat should be even more long, careful and deliberate. Ideally, it is better to choose a show animal together with an independent specialist in this breed or with an expert. However, this condition for a beginner, as a rule, difficult to achieve. Show the animal is better to buy in a well-established nursery. You can also buy a show kitten and at the exhibition, especially if the kitten was directly involved in it, received an evaluation and description, and perhaps a reward. It is not advisable to buy very small kittens, especially slowly developing breeds. There is a chance that the cute kitten with age will be easier to type and lose their littermates as that looked much worse in six weeks. Today many exhibition systems introduce a ban on participation in show kittens up to 3 months. This is very reasonable, because it will avoid the risk of contracting infectious diseases and will allow the expert to see more formed kittens.

The situation with the acquisition of a thoroughbred cat-maker is about the same. However, the concept of “breed” in relation to the cat does not work. The cat-maker should be only a show of class and only a fine breed type. The fact that cats are often improvers of the breed, because in contrast to the cats can leave more descendants. Experienced breeders often wait more than one month for the birth of a worthy cat, which can be taken to the nursery as a producer. Acquiring a cat, you must soberly assess their strength and capabilities. After all, the breeding cat should be regularly exhibited, thereby advertising both himself and his children. You will also have to take in your kitty, who came to knit. If all this does not bother you at all, and your choice is correct, then you will not be disappointed. But we must remember that in addition to a beautiful type there are still many aspects that affect the value of the products – unique breeding lines, color rarity and originality of genetics.

Very often beginners in felinology are lost in colorful commercials of nurseries, in the abundance of information on breeds. And indeed, immediately it is not always clear where to go for a cat. Most potential owners of cats first thing that comes to mind is the Bird Market. I do not recommend it. Breeders, as a rule, never carry their kittens to the market. The danger of catching an infection and losing a lovingly grown droppings will never overpower any economic benefit. Buying a “thoroughbred” cat in the market you, in fact, get a cat in a poke. In addition to diseases and inconsistencies, a kitten may have fake documents besides a high class.

At present, some pet shops began to sell purebred kittens. Usually they are brought there in the morning, and taken in the evening, in case they were not sold. The situation here is somewhat better than in the market. However, stress can also provoke a disease of babies. Most often in the store for sale kittens bring “private owners”, that is likely to buy here on this interesting animal is small, as interesting and promising animal they are likely to sell before going to the pet store. In the pet store you can buy just a pet. In this case, we must take into account that the price of the kitten will be quite high, since it includes a lot of additional costs – renting the cage, veterinary and transportation costs.

The next thought that visits a potential cat owner is to look for a kitten from ads in newspapers. Usually refer to newspapers with free ads. Here the chance to buy a decent kitten more because in addition to personal ads from breeders, individuals (people, containing, for example, only one favorite pussy, from which periodically receives litters) can be and announcements from nurseries. According to newspaper ads, you can absolutely buy a pet and a bride-class animal. Chance to buy a cat, and even more so the cat of the show-class is much less, it will be more likely an accident and an exception.

Buying kittens on ads in specialized periodical feline publications is not without meaning. Here you will deal with the owners of nurseries, which, as a rule, are very responsible for the breeding and sale of kittens. However, there is still a chance to make a mistake, as the magazines are not responsible for the advertising information published in them, and the breeder can be either a common dealer or an ordinary “breeder” – breeding kittens just for the sake of profit, little care for the quality of the grown stock. However, there are a lot of chances to acquire a decent pedigreed animal.

You can also contact the club of cat lovers. You are sure to help with the selection of the kitten of the class you are interested in. This is probably the most reasonable way today to buy both a pedigreed and a pet. Although here you can make a mistake by choosing a not trustworthy club.

The huge virtual world of the Internet also abounds with message boards – paid and free. Information on the sale of kittens is placed here as “private traders” and nurseries. The chances of acquiring a healthy pet of the family and breed-animal are the same as in ads in printed publications, and maybe a little more, because here you can not only see the parents and the baby himself, but also imagine what he will grow by looking at the photo Kittens from previous litters and learning about the exhibition career of their ancestors.

The Internet also provides an excellent opportunity to collect information on the breed you are interested in, to get acquainted with the sites of nurseries and clubs, to look at the photos of producers, to communicate in forums with experts of the breed and to find out their opinion and recommendations regarding the now-born litters. Believe me, they are probably aware of all born prospective kittens, even if they were not born in a competing nursery. Undoubtedly, one of the liveliest forums of cat lovers is the forum on CATS – portal The portal contains a huge amount of information about the breeds, their content and breeding. The sections of the rocks are led by people who are deeply knowledgeable and respected in the world of felinology. At the forum you can get exhaustive advice and recommendations. Find out the degree of reliability of the kennel that you liked, where you plan to purchase your future cat.

Another common place for selling kittens is the exhibition. To buy a kitten at the exhibition is quite convenient, since one can immediately look at the producers, since the kittens are sold, as a rule, just for them. Often kittens are exhibited in the literary class (a class where the quality of litters is assessed), or the breeder exposes the kitten of the show-class individually, to confirm its high level. By purchasing such a kitten, you risk least of all to make a mistake in your choice.

If you buy a kitten at home from the breeder, be sure to pay attention to the conditions of animals. It is important that not only kittens, but also adult cats have a well-groomed and healthy appearance. If you have suspicions of ill health of the baby you are offering, you better refuse to buy it, especially when it comes to buying a show animal for a lot of money. It is better to leave the deposit and pick up the kitten at 3-4 months of age with all the vaccinations and the necessary tests.

Breeder along with the kitten must give you a veterinary passport, with the vaccinations given to the kitten in the mother’s house. If you buy an animal with documents, then you will be given the same metric as the parents of the baby, date of birth, breed, sex, color. Or else the finished pedigree. As a rule, if we are talking about a kitten show class, the cost for the manufacture of the pedigree is borne by the breeder. Buying a kitten of the breed class, especially in cases of selling the animal on contractual terms, the cost of making the pedigree often lies on the new owner of the kitten.

A responsible breeder will probably offer you to sign a sales contract. Do not get scared and do not refuse this procedure prematurely. As a rule, such a contract is drawn up very correctly and protects the interests of both parties. The contract also prescribes all additional agreements between the breeder and the new owner of the kitten. Read the contract carefully, discuss with the breeder all incomprehensible or embarrassing points. Treat the signing of the contract responsibly and with understanding.

Be sure to find out what the breeder fed the kitten in order not to sharply translate the kitten into a new diet. This is guaranteed to save the baby from an upset stomach, and you from unnecessary trouble. Usually the breeder necessarily gives along with the kitten the food that the baby was eating in his old house. And just a little filler from the cat’s toilet so that the kitten can easily find the trays in the house of the new owners.

Finally, the search for a pet behind and your house is fun pawing, semyenit fluffy, or … oh! Such a naked miracle. Now you can be congratulated on joining the vast ranks of koshkolyubov and koshkovladeltsev and wish you every success in the exhibition career, breeding and just in life