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How cats are treated

Many of us have cats, and from whom they will still be. So, you know, cats can treat us! You ask, but how are cats treated? Researches of scientists have shown, that cats at treatment influence a human body many-sidedly.

A person communicating with domestic animals enters into bioenergetic contact with them. When you iron your cat, positive impulses are sent to its central nervous system, so the person’s mood improves.

Thanks to the habit of cats massaging the human body with claws, irritation of reflexogenic zones occurs. In this case, the cat’s claws work as reflexotherapist’s tools. In what I have repeatedly been convinced by my own experience. It happens you come in spring from the garden, after digging the beds for planting. The back hurts, you lay down on the stomach, so that the pain calmed down. It was at such moments that my red cat always began to treat me back. So he dug in the back with his claws (more abruptly than any applicator Kuznetsov), that ate enough strength to endure! And what will you do? He heals … and most importantly with such a serious kind

Sometimes you can lie down after work on the sofa to rest, and the kotyara here as here, then he will settle down on his heart and let him purr, then on the thyroid gland, then he will hold the “claw-therapy” of the bladder and prostate. In general, it is not necessary to teach everything, where, how and for what …

Studies of scientists conducted at the London Institute of Healing Methods of Exposure found that cats are capable of emitting a strong field with low-frequency currents. Why do these currents of low frequency occur in the cat? And how do they affect our organism? Scientists claim that low-frequency currents in cats are formed due to its delicate and fine wool. When the animal moves, friction of the hairs occurs against each other, due to this, a powerful electric field arises.

What is the effect of currents on the human body?

It has now been proven that by acting on the inflammation focus, low-frequency currents kill the microbes. In addition, at a time when the cat heals faster healing of tissues, and also improves their blood supply. In classical medicine, decades of low frequency currents are used, but only one cat can replace 5 modern generators.

So what diseases can be treated with the use of low frequency currents (using a cat for this)? After numerous experiments, experts came to the conclusion that cats are best treated by gynecological diseases and inflammation of the joints. And for the treatment of a gynecological cat, it is enough to put the cat on the bottom of the stomach and stroke it for at least 20 minutes.

Doctors-therapists of the USA and England, still in the 70s of the XX century working in specialized clinics for mentally retarded children, conducted research on the therapeutic abilities of cats. The results were justified! Scientists have established that cats are able to provide serious help to people suffering from heart disorders, mental illnesses, brain damage and even contribute to the complete healing of patients with drug addiction and alcoholism.

About what the cat has 9 lives, they know almost everything. And the fact that cats have increased resilience, because they know how to purr, is practically unknown to anyone.

Evidence of this was recently obtained by US scientists from the Institute for Animal Communication in North Carolina, who spent several decades studying cats. Numerous experiments have established that cat purring is a powerful remedy that allows him to quickly restore his strength and heal wounds.

It is known that cat purring has a positive effect on our body. It also contributes to the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Scientists say that purring your cat is similar to ultrasound therapy, only with the difference that the sounds that cats emit have a much greater effect and help both the animal and its host to cope with many diseases. Scientists have established that the frequency range in which cats purr (from 27 hertz to 44 hertz), 20% strengthens the bones. Also, cat-purring has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system and its mental state. And yet, it is with the sounds emanating from this range (from 27 hertz to 44 hertz) that the person improves cerebral circulation, stabilizes the heart rate and normalizes the pressure.

Considering the healing abilities of cats, one can not ignore the fact that cats somehow transform the energy of the disease. Such a cat talent was known also by the Tibetan lamas and wise men of Ancient Egypt. It was from there that the cat therapy came to Europe, America, and then to Russia.

According to the statements of the medicine of the east, all diseases in man arise because of an energy imbalance in the body. Chronic fatigue, heart and kidney failure, neurasthenia, arthritis, hypotension are characterized by a lack of energy and refer to diseases of the “yin”.

Strokes, hypertension, heart attacks, osteochondrosis and arthritis are manifested in people suffering from an overabundance of energy. In Eastern medicine, such ailments are considered as “yang” diseases.

Today, there is a whole system based on knowledge of the energy meridians on the human body and the law of the polarity of energies. Experts who conduct sessions of cat therapy on this system, unmistakably determine how long the cat should lie on the sore spot. Doctors who have passed special training courses know everything about the abilities of cats of different breeds and colors for the treatment of certain diseases.

According to experts, the power engineering of the cat is very similar to our human. Cats are able to exchange their energy with people and if you conduct training sessions correctly, you can achieve excellent results in the treatment of diseases of “yang” and “yin”.

So, in diseases of “yin” the cat is suggested to be laid to the sore spot so that the cat’s head on the human body is on the left, and the back of the trunk on the right. And with diseases of “yang” the cat must be placed on the contrary.

Time of treatment by a cat

Specialists in the field of cat-therapy also argue that for the treatment of each disease there are certain intervals of time.

So, from 03.00 to 05.00 hours, treatment of pulmonary diseases (including bronchial diseases) is recommended. But gastrointestinal diseases are better suited for therapy from 05.00 to 07.00 hours. Cardiovascular disease is well treated from 11.00 to 13.00 hours, and fatigue will be obtained only in the evening.

With regard to the duration of the cat therapy, it depends on the patient’s health, the stage of his illness, the presence of other diseases and other factors as well. For some, only 5-10 minutes of cat therapy are enough, and someone will need 1.5-2 hours.

As mentioned above, the breed and the color of the healer are of definite value in the cat therapy. So, black cats take away negative energy from their hosts and treat the “Yan” diseases well, but whites, on the contrary, feed people suffer from energy weakness.

Concerning cats of red color, we can say that they charge the hosts with positive energy. Gray cats have the same qualities inherent in cats of white and black color.

Fluffy cats are great for treating “yin” ailments, and short-haired cats will help cure “yang” diseases.

How do cats determine in which place of the human body an excessive amount of negative energy has accumulated? And why do cats absorb this negative energy?

Some biologists say that it is simply vital for a cat to receive a regular charge of negative energy.

As evidence of this theory, scientists cite the fact that cats like to lie on refrigerators, televisions, computers, washing machines, that is, where radiation in the external environment of negative electromagnetic oscillations occurs.

Supporters of the theory described assume that the cat’s energy system works normally when it has the ability to absorb negative fluctuations. To a person, to get rid of a disease, it is extremely necessary to remove negative energy (bring your energy system into balance). And in this case, a pet is the best option for this. It is necessary to know that sterilized cats and castrated cats lose most of their abilities.

Uncertainly determining the negatively charged part of the human body, the cat goes directly to the sore spot, settles down and begins treatment: first the cat does massage with its claws, and then sits down or lies down on the diseased part of the body.

It is worth noting that in such a catheterization session, the patient not only aligns the deformed energy fields, but also receives heat treatment at the same time, which is also very useful in many diseases.

The cat relieving its hosts of negative energy, thereby contributing to proper blood supply to the tissues, resorption of internal hematomas, restoration of cellular energy metabolism, treatment of renal colic, as well as injuries, bruises, etc. In some cases, treatment with a cat is much more effective than medication .

So, bengal cats are attracted by negative energy, they absorb it as if they are, and then are released from its excess. However, you should not abuse the treatment of a cat, when the host has a lot of negative energy, a cat can not always get rid of it and usually gets sick.

There are many examples where cats cured their hosts of the most serious diseases, and then died themselves. Therefore, periodically give your beloved pet time for rest, during this time the animal will regain its strength.

We should not forget about the main condition of the effectiveness of the cat therapy – the trust and love of the animal to its owner. If this is not, then it is unlikely that a cat will help him get rid of the diseases. Keep in mind that the cat does not tolerate consumer attitudes toward itself.

You should also know that not all cats are ready for healing. For medical purposes, the cat can be used only when the owner loves the pet, and he responds to him in return and he takes the initiative.

In no case should you force a cat to cure if she is not ready for it herself. After all, as already mentioned above, the cat needs the negative energy not constantly, but only from time to time.

Remember that it’s bad for a cat when there is not enough negative energy, but it’s also bad when this energy is too much. That’s why the cat clearly knows when they need to stop the treatment session.

Do not seek to use to treat other people’s cats. Many cats treat strangers with disbelief and refuse to treat them.