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Customer reviews

Alice: “This cat turned our life upside down and back! When we got this spotted baby, we realized what it meant to be parents – we slept by the clock, washed the pot and warmed up the food. With this breed is not boring to live – it is constantly in search of adventure and the task of the owners to help their Bengal from any situation – shoot from the ceiling, pull out from under the washing machine and so on. Just note that you can not scold these comrades – they are very vulnerable. ”


Suzie: “My Bengal cat is the most important creature in the house, he must always control everything and be at the same time everywhere. From the unusual noticed that the Lexus is very fond of playing with water – he paws toys with his paw, likes to splash, but he can not swim at the same time. Since the Bengals are naturally hunters, I often take the Lexus to walk and he climbs with pleasure in the trees, rushes along the lawn in front of the house. ”


Sam: “Before the appearance in the house of Zeus, I did not know what kind of a unique breed it was. Those who speak about the hyperactivity of Bengal cats are right. Up to six months, Zeus literally walked on the ceiling and did not know a moment’s peace. And we are with him. And then we noticed that Zeus knows how to communicate – for each situation he makes a certain sound and we already understand when the cat asks for water, and when – to clean the tray. In general, a very clever breed. “